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Translation Agency Milan

"INTEREXPERT"is an agency of professional translations located in Milan, which offers translation and interpreting services, asseveration/swearing of translations and legalisation of documents for both companies and individuals.

The translators and interpreters at INTEREXPERT boast several years of varied experience and are specialised in many sectors, allowing us to offer the following services:

  1. translation of financial statements,

  2. translation of financial documents,

  3. translation of Chamber of Commerce certificates,

  4. translation of articles of association,

  5. translation of corporate documents,

  1. translation of operating instructions,

  2. translation of technical manuals,

  3. translation of sales, rental, leasing, collaboration and supply contracts,

  4. translation of descriptions of new medical and cosmetic products,

  5. translation of websites.

Translation Agency

We often translate documents for the establishment of companies overseas and for the participation in international tenders. In these cases, apart from the translation of documents, the translation must also be sworn by the expert translator and the documents must be legalised.

Asseveration of translations and legalisation of documents are procedures with different purposes and modes. "Legalisation of a document" means the legalisation of the signature of the person appointed to sign the document.

In Italy, documents can be legalised at the Prefecture or at the Public Prosecution office. For example, if you need to legalise, translate and swear the translation of a company’s chamber of commerce certificate,  the sequence of the formalities required is as follows:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to certify the Chamber of Commerce official’s signature at the Prefecture;

  2. Thereafter, the document can be translated, also translating the Prefecture stamp that certifies the Chamber of Commerce official’s signature;

  3. The translation can then be sworn personally by expert translator in court (please note that “swearing of translations” means the swearing of the translation by an official translator, enrolled in the list of translators, to be carried out before a court clerk, after filling out and signing the relative written oath);

  4. • Lastly, the document must be taken to the Public Prosecution office at the court to legalise the court official’s signature.

When the translation involves a notary document, the Notary’s signature must be legalised at the Public Prosecution office in the district where the Notary operates and is registered.

Due to current international agreements, legalisation may also be requested at the Consulate of the country the document will be sent to. We often carry out this type of formality for our clients.

  1. translation of birth certificates,

  2. translation of marriage certificates,

  3. translation of criminal record certificates,

  4. translation of residency certificates,

  1. translation of tax return extracts,

  2. translation of school, college or university attendance records,

  3. translation of school-leaving diplomas and any attachments thereto,

  4. translation of diplomas from technical institutes and any attachments thereto,

  1. translation of degree certificates and any attachments thereto,

  2. translation of driving licences,

  3. translation of medical certificates, medical tests, personal correspondence etc.

Depending on the destination of the above-stated documents, legalisation and swearing of the translation can be requested. It is always a good idea to ask the competent authority, where the document will be submitted, about which method to use, in order to fulfil requirements.

When translating personal documents, we always ask our clients to provide us with a copy of their passport or another ID document in order to be sure of writing their personal details (surname, name and place of birth) correctly in the translation in compliance with their official documents.