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Economic-Financial Translations

Our translation agency regularly offers the translation of financial and economic documents such as:

  1. 1) translation of accounting documents: financial statements, statements of assets and liabilities, profit and loss accounts, net equity transactions, explanatory notes, auditor’s explanatory notes, auditing reports, auditors’ reports, financial and accounting statements, tax declarations etc.;

  2. 2) translation of financial documents: management reports, financial appraisals, investment documents etc.;

  1. 3) translation of insurance documents: insurance documents, insurance contracts, insurance policies;

  2. 4) translation of bank documents: bank guarantee contracts, bank surety contracts, lines of credit contracts, deposit contracts, mortgage contracts.

Many of our translators who work with these types of documents have a degree specialising in the financial, economic or banking sector; in addition, we also work with professionals in the relative sectors and guarantee  the exactness of translation of the financial terms used. In these cases, knowledge of the sector is extremely important, as the statement and accounting report standards in other countries may differ. For example, the Russian standard does not correspond to the European standard, therefore it is extremely important to understand the economic substance of the terminology in order to be able to carry out a correct translation.

Legalisation of the document and swearing of the translation may be necessary to submit these documents to the competent authorities. The form in which the document is submitted depends on the requests of the competent body it will be submitted to. This is why we always advise our client to enquire about the form of presentation of documents in order to organise the work of legalisation, translation and swearing in the most efficient way possible. Clients often think that legalisation of the document is the same as swearing of the translation, but this is not the case. They are two completely different deeds, which we have already discussed on the first page, and we advise you always to receive a written reply from the competent authority with regards to the required form for submitting the documents.